**We have increased our goal to $7,000 after meeting our initial goal! This will allow us to give OWF an additional $2,000 to go towards their grant programs. Thank you all for helping us give back in honor of Cora Lou. We are so grateful!**

Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to learn about our Cora's Kindness Campaign benefitting One Wing Foundation. We are raising money to provide a local hospital with a Cuddle Cot and to provide funds for One Wing Foundation's grant program. We are so grateful for the opportunity to give back to the pregnancy and infant loss community from which we have received so much support. 
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    We love y'all

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    Sending all our love! - The Bright Book Lady :)

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    Stacy Gauthier

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    Paul and Scarlet! We miss and love you both and your three little ones too! Happy (belated) birthday sweet Cora!! Glen and Stacy

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    Janice Taylor

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    Through loss and sadness you find ways to find love and help others. Love you and your family. 💕

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    Tara Erdman

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    Thinking of y'all.

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    Ashley Schumacher

    $100.00 / 538 days ago

    Scar, you are an amazing person. You have given me strength to keep going during my own hard times. Love you to the moon and back. ❤️

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    Martha Hill

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    Your family’s abundant love, generosity and resilience in an inspiration! Love to you all.

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    Love from the Goolsby-Avram family

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    Katherine Edgmon

    $25.63 / 538 days ago

    I’m sorry for the loss of your daughter!!! I can’t imagine what you’ve been through! I’m glad you have 2 little men to love on! Good luck on your fundraising!!!

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    Brittney Mahlum

    $30.00 / 539 days ago

    Scar and Paul: Cora is seen through your acts of kindness and compassion, through her brothers, and through family and friends. We will all continue Cora’s legacy and positive impact on this world.

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    Thomas Moore

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    We have loved since Day 1 sweet Cora💜Brian💜Oscar💜Jose

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    Allie Siebold

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    Kelly Robinson

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    Love you Paul and Scarlett! Kelly & Gus

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    Kelly Blake

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    Happy birthday sweet Cora 💜

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    Megan Brittain

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About Cora's Kindness

On April 7, 2016, on a routine 37-week check-up, we received the most devastating news of our lives. Our first child, our daughter no longer had a heartbeat. The following day, April 8, 2016, we delivered our daughter, Cora Lou Boyd. She was 5lbs 11oz and 21.5 inches long with beautiful brown hair. We spent time with her and when the time was right, we said our final goodbyes to our firstborn child. Thus, started the road to grieving, healing, and remembering. To honor the life of our daughter, we created Cora's Kindness. This is a legacy to give back in her honor and show kindness to those around us, especially in life’s most difficult moments.

We wanted to do something big to celebrate this milestone birthday. In a non-COVID-19 world, we wanted to host a bag-toss tournament to raise funds for One Wing Foundation but we do not feel that is responsible just yet. So, we have decided to sign-up for the 2021 BMW Dallas Half-Marathon to run in Cora's honor and raise money for One Wing Foundation. I am almost certainly going to regret this (Paul is the runner...I'm more of a fast walker...or slow runner :) ). Our hope is by training for and running the half-marathon we will bring more awareness to the pregnancy and infant loss community. 

Our goal is to raise $5,000 for Cora's 5th birthday. $3,000 will go towards a Cuddle Cot to be donated to a local hospital. For those not familiar, a Cuddle Cot is an in-room cooling unit that is the size of a small humidifier that is disguised inside a bassinet or Moses basket. A Cuddle Cot gives families the gift of time. Time for the family to get to the hospital, time to make heartbreaking decisions about burials and funerals, and time to make as many memories as possible before saying their final goodbye. We would like the remaining $2,000+(we have stretch goals!!) to go towards One Wing Foundation's grant program. OWF's grant program's priority is to give to as many organization as they can, while spreading the funds to various types of organizations and helping them to achieve their mission. In the past, OWF has given grants to organizations that provide grief counseling, care boxes, parent retreats, burial garments, and memorial items. These organizations are crucial to pregnancy and infant loss families. 

If you would like to support Cora's Kindness, click the green "Donate Now" button. Any amount will go along way to achieving our goals. As with all online campaigns, we will reach more people if you share our story and our fundraiser. If you feel moved to share our campaign then we would be so grateful! If not, we are grateful you are here and have made it this far in this very long entry :) . 

Thank you to our community who has uplifted us and sustained us these past 5 years. We are so grateful for each and every one of you.